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Crafting Green Roofs


86th Street Station
1307 4th Street, DC
A3C Architecture Office
ABC Carpet and Home
Alliance Head Office Stuttgart
Akron University Olsen Research Center
Baltimore Kate Turney Rooftop
Anderson Swarthmore Residence
Bilfinger and Berger, Stuutgart
Bindi PratoPronto Rome Italy
Bouchers Residence
Bozeman GAF Project
Bronx County Courthouse NYC
Bronx River Terminal NYC
Carnegie Mellon Doherty Hall, PA
Carnegie Mellon Hamerschlag Hall, PA
Celebrity Eclipse, FL
Celebrity Equinox, FL
Celebrity Silhouette, FL
Celebrity Solstice, FL
Chicago City Hall, IL
Chicago Green Technology Center, IL
Composting Facility Germany
Dansko, PA
DC River Storage, MD
Diane Gentry Residence, PA
Elk Neck State Park, MD
Esslingen Nursing Home Germany
Esslingen Technical University, Germany
EXPO 2020 Dubai (Grimshaw)
Fordham Bedford Residence NYC
Forks Township Public Works Complex, PA
Franklin and Marshall Schnader Hall

Franklin and Marshall Wohlsen Center
Fulton Bank, PA
Gendron, DC
Glassman General Contractor, Colorado
Goldtex Philadelphia Apartment Building
Goodman Residence, VA
Groff Family Funeral Home, PA
Halifax Farmers Market, Canada
Hanover Township Municipal Building, PA
Harvard Graduate School of Design Research, MA
Heinz 57 Corporate Headquarters PA
Heumann Residence, Germany
Hinterweil Middle School, Germany
Honda Dealership, MD
Hofman Residence, Germany
Hotel Stiegerwald, Germany
Hundertwasser House, Germany
Industrial Drive, Storage, VA
Jorg Breuning Residence, Germany
Kendall St, Co-Living, DC
Kensington Ave, PA
Kriegbaum Logistics Center, Germany
Kronen Carre Stuttgart
Landhope Residence, PA
Leuze Mineral Pool
Louis Armstrong House Museum, NY
Lock7, DC
LBBW Bank, Stuttgart
Majestic Theater, MD
Manida Brownstone, NYC
Mercedes Benz V6/V8 Production Stuttgart
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX

New York Department of Parks and Recreation
Oaklyn Branch Library Evansville
Parking Garage, Stuttgart
Parking Garage, Philadelphia, PA
Peggy Notebaert, Chicago, ILPenthouse Geisel, Germany
Philadelphia Convention Center Parking Garage
Philadelphia Free Public Library
Radnor Middle School, PA
Realschule Loerrach, Germany
Resource Conservation Technology, MD
Save the Bay, MD
SSB center Stuttgart
St. Joan of Arc Church, Bronx
Smith Brothers Hardware, Columbus, OH
Strath Haven Middle School, PA
Swarthmore Alice Paul
Swarthmore College David Kemp Hall
Target Center
Tellus 360, Lancaster PA
VA Hospital, VA
Villanova CEER Building
VW Dealership, Germany
Westmoreland GreenForge
Zepplin Carre Stuttgart
SunTrail Energy, MD
Shorb Landscaping, MD
DuPont S&C, Global Strategy, DE/US
District Energy, DC
Bosques Urbanos Dominican Republic
Water-Wealth, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Spearhead South Dakota - Container House (as seen on TV)
Boyed Residence, FL
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, MD
Bahamar Restaurant, Bahamas