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Green Roof consulting for one project or multiple projects. Size and location doesn't matter but it would be good to know. Really helpful are information about your design intend and how much weight your roof can carry. Moreover these information will help with Solar Green Roofs and Blue Roofs or combined solutions,too.

For product or Green Roof system development, material or component examination, and expert witness requests a brief description is supportive. At the same time let us know whether you prefer collaborating under a NDA in order to protect your ideas. 

If you are looking for roof evaluation, plant selections, and maintenance recommendations on an existing project ideally add a location link from google maps. In fact pictures have given us many clues in the past.

Finally, for Green Roof installation trainings, educational seminars, and/or picture/movie inquiries, please provide related details. Altogether we create a custom tailored package that meets the needs of you and your team.

Green Roof Technology is your competent Green Roof advisor partner because we have the most and longest experience in Green Infrastructure and Green Roofs. To put it in another way: We guide you on every step of your project.

Please use the form to share your information and we will respond as soon as possible.

Green Roof Technology

Jörg Breuning
Baltimore, MD 21234
Phone: +1 443.three four five.1578

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