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Crafting Green Roofs


Solar Garden Roof

Currently largest Solar Garden Roofs on the Blue Planet and likely in the Universe

Solar Garden Roofs - Solar Green Roofs

We don't like term BIOSOLAR (buzz word created in U.K.) because it is highly misleading and likely created by marketing people who don't understand the technology. In short, on photovoltaic panels there is nothing "BIO". For example ground mounted PV systems also have vegetation or even farm crops growing below and it is not called BIO. Consequently, why should it then called BIO above green roof?

Therefore, Green Roof Technology offers true expert services with unparalleled experience. Clearly, we want to lead our clients in the right direction. Moreover, efficiency is in our DNA and we feel the pulse of the plants. So, if this is what you are looking for we should collaborate on your project.

In 2008, we introduced to the first Solar Garden Roof system to North America because we worked on similar projects in Germany already in 1995.

Compatibility of Solar Garden Roofs

Green Roof Technology's Solar Green Roof solutions are innovative, penetrations-free, and for flat roofs, sloped or curved roofs. Furthermore, all solutions have Blue Green Roof options. Because the systems are designed with the roofing in mind, it ensures the components beneath remain completely untouched. In other words, it is 100% compatible with all roofing systems worldwide.
The entire installation process of the combination is quick and simple. Naturally, we train installers in the process and give them the opportunity to expand their business model. Finally, with a single point of contact, we take responsibility to reduce any risk.
See also our partner Website: Solargardenroof.com

Solar Garden Roofs

Of course, fully integrated with the Green Roof that ballasts the PV modules to the roof without penetration of the roofing membrane.

Solar Garden Roof

Additionally, Solar Green Roofs maximizing stormwater Retention / stormwater Detention and they are specifically designed to support vegetation growth under the PV modules for enhanced cooling.

Solar Garden Roof

Because Solar Garden Roofs create the ideal environment for plants and PV modules to maximize their output, the Return of Investment (ROI) is greater.

Benefits of Solar Garden Roofs
One Roof, Double Payback
Green Roof Benefits

Green Roofs expand roof life by protecting the waterproofing, they can reduce air conditioning costs, may reduce winter heating costs, transform dead space into natural habitat, reduce city heat island effect, improve air quality, create biodiversity, prevent combined sewer overflow by reducing annual runoff between 55-90%, and neutralize acid rain effect.

Photovoltaic Benefits

Solar power systems, Photovoltaic Systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun. As a result, installing solar panel on buildings help to combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel. Local solar systems reduce transportation of energy through power lines. Moreover, solar panels on a roof reduce clear cutting of forests to install ground mounted PV.

Additional Benefits of Combination

Reduction of installation and maintenance costs. Likewise, combining of national, state, or local incentives programs. Because, solar Garden Roofs have better airflow and stay cooler there is an increase of output by over 10%.

Solar Garden Roofs


North America's first and finest Green Roof ballasted Solar System

Comparison of Green Roof Types

Green Roof Type ➡️
Extensive Green Roof
intensive green roof
Stormwater Mitigation
Stromwater Mitigation,
Stormwater Mitigation,
Amenity Space
Shrubs, Trees
Overall Depth
4 to 7 inches
6 to 10 inches
200-750mm +
8 to 30 inches +
Weight Range
100-200 kg/m²
20-40 Lb/sf
120-300 kg/m²
25-60 Lb/sf
220-800 kg/m² +
45-160 Lb/sf +
Ecological Compensation
🍃 🍃
🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃
🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃
Max. Rain Event
over 120mm
over 4.2"
💵 💵
💵 💵 💵
💵 💵 💵 💵
Irrigation System
not recommended
Solar Garden Roof
yes, optional with high ROI
requires custom tailoring
only as pergola
in amenity space
Blue Green Roof
standard with
Green Roof Technology
General Overview of Green Roof types ©️ Green Roof Technology