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Crafting Green Roofs

Green Roof Technology

Green Roofs 360° / July 7, 2005

Green Roof Technology/Green Roof Service LLC – the first Green Roof advisory firm in North America with centuries of experience from Germany. The principal – Jörg Breuning – has actively designed, installed, monitored and perfected their craft with innovative contributions for the Green Roof industry. Having been involved with millions of square footage of green roof projects, his understanding of Green Roof systems is unsurpassed. As he has no allegiance to any specific product manufacturer, he selects the materials and approaches that work best in any given circumstance. The success is based on trustful and honest collaborations with building owners, architects, general contractors, product developers, renowned researchers, environmentalist, and landscaping companies.

Green Roof Technology is head quartered in Baltimore, Maryland and contributed knowledge on projects in Europe, across North America, Middle East, and Caribbean covering all climate zones.
Green Roof Technology has a strong focus on utilizing local materials, materials from urban waste stream, and materials with low or no plastic content. Although a Green Roof engineered by Green Roof Technology will last as long as the structure below it is crucial that all used materials are recyclable after and a resource for the same purpose based on Cradle to Cradle design principles.

Any Green Roof is only as good as the architectural details, the roofing, and the maintenance. Laboratory tests of products can only show a small picture. However, decades of experience with such materials and components offer the ultimate piece of mind to building owners.

Green Roof Technology’s extensive background, combined with the expertise of collaborations ensure the highest economic and ecologic value for building owners, environment, and society in general.

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