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Crafting Green Roofs

Green Roof Pictures Archive

Green Roof pictures from over 40 years makes our archive to one of largest in the world. Firstly, many of these are not even digitalized and on our website. Secondly, some pictures are in low resolution only.
So far Jörg Breuning advised on over 2,200 projects on different continents and of course, he also followed these projects with his camera.

Certainly at the beginning of the Green Roof industry we discovered our pictures on different websites or in presentations of others. Although, we never gave permit for using these pictures but they still promote Green Infrastructure and Green Roofs. Mostly our pictures are used in North America, U.K., Middle East, and Far East. Consequently, using our pictures without permit has two sides.

Because we want to see people talking about Green Infrastructure and presenting an environmental technology that is crucial in our battle in healing the earth from environmental issues. However, we also like to see a proper credit with these pictures. In contrast, if you find a picture on our website without the right using it, please contact us also.

Green Roof Technology's picture archive and information archive has been crucial for many books, authors, text books, TV/movie documentaries, presentation and promotions. For example we are very proud that over 70% of the project pictures/ Green Roof pictures in the first book about Green Roof plants in English (Green Roof Plants) are from us.

To conclude; the environmental benefits of vegetated roofs are now beyond dispute and even a necessity for future generation. Green Roof Technology's intention is to support everyone who helps to increase the level of interest in Green Roofs and Green Infrastructure for our future generations.

Green Roof pictures


Picture Archive of Selected Projects from 2000-2021


Picture Archive of
Selected Projects from 1980-2000


Picture Archive of
Selected Projects older 1980

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