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Crafting Green Roofs

Jörg Breuning Green Roof Technology

Jörg Breuning

Because Expertise Matters

In 2002, I was introduced to Jörg Breuning, Green Roof Technology at our first GRHC conference in Chicago. Mr. Breuning was the key consultant of the first Green Roof installed in the United States – at City Hall in Chicago. Mr. Breuning also masterminded the implantation of the green roof at the Peggy Notebeart Nature Museum in Chicago.

I had the opportunity to visit the Nature Museum project with Mr. Breuning, where I came to understand that his knowledge and experience is essential for the entire green roof industry. In 2008 he also introduced the first combined and fully integrated Solar-Green Roof system in North America.

Steven W. Peck, GRP, Honorary ASLA

Founder and President

Always Passion

In 2004, I worked on an extensive research paper (European Airport Greenroofs – A Potential Model for North America) and I interviewed Jörg Breuning, Green Roof Technology for the first time. He provided me with essential information, pictures, and leads for this paper. I learned that he was very well connected in the industry and that his own views on Green Roofs were developed over decades of unsurpassed practical and theoretical experience. For him, Green Roofs were never a question – they were always a solution.

Since then, Mr. Breuning has always been my go-to person when I had questions, when I needed concrete facts and information to convince others, or when I simply needed photos for publications or presentations.

Linda S. Velazquez, ASLA, GRP, LEED AP

Greenroofs.com Publisher & Design Consultant

Jörg Breuning Green Roof Expert

Jörg Breuning Green Roof Expert

Jörg Breuning Green Roof Expert

Most Importantly Experience

Mr. Jörg Breuning, Green Roof Technology agreed to support Roofmeadow (Roofscapes) on a highly-visible green roof project – the City Hall of Chicago.  Completed in 2000, this award-winning project was one of the first modern green roofs in the United States. Since then, Roofmeadow collaborated with Mr. Breuning on a number of different projects, including the Vancouver Public Library and the GAP.

I truly appreciate having Jörg Breuning taking overall charge of the Gimbles Landmark (Heinz HQ) project.  This is a very high profile project, like Chicago City Hall.  It is a simple design, but it must be done correctly. He also worked with the architect in selecting the plants for the project.

Charlie Miller, CEO

Roofscapes inc. 2001 / RoofMeadow

Smart Solutions

I first met Jörg Breuning in 2005 when I attended his green roof presentation at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources in Annapolis.

Although at the time I had been designing and supplying components for green roofs, it was immediately apparent that Jörg’s expertise and experience with lightweight green roofs and advanced green roof components was far superior to that of any other U.S. green roof self-proclaimed experts I knew. Jörg Breuning will continue adding solutions that support ongoing growth for our company, other U.S. green roof businesses, and the green industry as a whole.

Lee Jaslow, President

Resource Conservation Technology, Inc.

Jörg Breuning Green Roof Expert

Green Roof Technology also installed the Green Roof at our warehouse.

Jörg Breuning Green Roof Expert


In 1999 I was introduce to Jörg Breuning by Charlie Miller (Roofmeadow), the first green roof consultant in North America. Jörg and I immediately connected because of our pragmatic approach on things and certainly because of our passion for succulent plants. I was absorbed by the idea, I learned about green roofs, and instantly knew that this will be starting point of an entire new industry for North America. Jörg's passion motivated me writing my first book - GREEN ROOF PLANTS where he provided most pictures and details.

Ed Snodgrass Owner and President

Green Roof Plants, Emory Knoll Farm


During a presentation at Celebrity Cruise Line headquarters, Jorg Breuning demonstrated an entirely new and innovative solution to grow real turf grass on the 15th deck of a cruise ship that travels around the world. During this presentation, it was clear that he understood the challenges on high sea, the different climate zones and the potential impact of guests (foot traffic, food spills, etc.).

David Callahan Former Director and coordinator at Celebrity Cruise Line (2014)


The entire Project Management Office and I discovered that Mr. Jorg Breuning's unsurpassed experience, worldwide connections, common sense, and pragmatic and innovative approach is exactly what we needed.

Javier Alegre, Senior Program Manager

Newbuilding and Fleet Modernization – Project Management Office

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Five (5) Celebrity Cruise ships travel around the world with real grass for over 12 years

all climate zones


Mr. Jorg Breuning helped me to jump-start my vision of a green roof project and we were able to convince the City of New York, offering us an empty roof space at the Bronx Supreme Court on 851 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451. BOEDC hired Green Roof Technology, Jorg Breuning for design, engineering, specifications, and onsite supervision. All steps went very smoothly and finally the green roof was built in 2005 as the first Green Roof on a NYC owned building.

Kate Shackford

Executive Director and the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (BOEDC)

Naturally Skills

Fentress Architect and the NMMC (National Museum of the Marine Corps) hired Jörg Breuning as their key advisor for restoring the existing green roof and the new green roof design at the museum. Together, we finished the NMMC green roof within the budget and within the timeline.

Jörg Breuning has an unprecedented skill set for any type of ground remote vegetation technology or vegetation on extreme locations. His experience far exceeds that normally encountered in the green roof industry - both in the United States and the world. 

Charles Cannon,Principal Architect

Baker Architects, LLC. (at time Fentress Architects)

Museum Green Roof

Ecoline green roof


In early summer 2004, Jorg supported me in starting an own Green Roof installation company (Furbish Co). With the Swarthmore green roof project Jörg Breuning, Green Roof Technology offered an unique opportunity to learn about green roof materials, installation techniques with one week hands-on-training, project logistic, knowledge about green roof plants, and many crucial items related with such a large project. Jörg's skills, enthusiasm, and passion sparked my interest in installing and maintaining green roofs. Today Furbish Company is among the leaders in this field in Maryland and DC area.

Michael Furbish

Founder and CEO, Furbish Company

True Innovations

The innovations and recommendations by Jörg for our first and large green roof project helped us effectively and efficiently complete this high profile project and elevated our presence the market establishing us as a leader in the Green Roof Industry and green job creator.Jörg's passion, help, vast experience, pragmatic approaches, and hands on knowledge was invaluable to our decision to support and grow the direction we have taken our company.I consider Jörg Breuning a key player in the North American Green Roof Industry and I know for fact that he has made many contributions to multiple projects and companies. He is the pioneer of the industry.

Kurt Horvath CEO, Green Roof Solutions

Museum Green Roofs

ALT GLOBAL greenroofs

Key Role

Mr. Breuning has been on the forefront of green roof technology and has played a key role in its introduction and development in the United States. Mr. Breuning was employed in a critical capacity on many green roof technology projects throughout his career, ranging from prestigious cruise liner companies to prominent Universities to government buildings. He has appeared on television and published numerous articles relating to green roof technology. His is widely considered as one of the leading experts in green roof technology.

Mansoor Maleki, Director, ALT Global, LLC


Mr. Breuning’s expertise allows him to see environmental challenges and create custom tailored solutions to each problem, securing existing jobs, creating new ones, and opening new fields previously left ignored.

Mr. Breuning is an essential pillar within the green community and Green Roof Industry.

Toby Sheppard Bloch, Chief Venture Officer
The HOPE Program and Sustainable South Bronx

Food Roofs

Alcoa Green Roof Tour


I had the pleasure of working with Jorg and Green Roof Technology. Through my own investigations of Green Roofs I have evaluated consultants in the US and Germany. Jorg is by far the most knowledgeable in the industry. A true practitioner, Jorg has more practical experience with Green Roofs than anyone I have come across. At Alcoa Technical Center, we have a small pilot project, which he has been involved with. I highly recommend him for your work.

Kevin Kitzman, P.E.
Senior Engineer, Alcoa Technical Center