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Crafting Green Roofs


Sundance TV

Sundance TV (channel) introduces exceptional talents with an uncanny knack for making places environmentally friendly and our planet greener.

Green Roof Technology collaborates with world-renowned architectural firms, with local design talents, and with installation companies realizing a shared vision for new neighborhoods within our dense developments. The idea of open-minded collaborations inspires our design approaches.

In collaboration with Sundance TV all the benefits of Green Roofs are explained in a wonderful 10 minutes Green Roof video. This is one of our most exciting collaboration.

Green Roof videos


How cities can look like...

The most Green Roofs in the world!

Enjoy the world's highest density of Green Roofs in a 3 min. movie. Because this Green Roof videos will demonstrate how cities can look like.

Stuttgart, Germany is the capital of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Stuttgart has over 200 million square feet of Green Roofs in a radius of 20 miles around the city center (2019). Therefore Stuttgart is the world's record holder for more than three decades. As a matter of fact, for locals Green Roofs a standard feature of a structure. Basically as normal for a building as having windows.

In this Green Roof video Jörg Breuning presents a selection of reference projects. All were installed around 15-50 years ago. Altogether they create a unique step stone environment. Especially you find great mixtures of Green Roofs that are combined with Solar, Green Walls, and Rooftop Gardens.



Stormwater Retention and Stormwater Detention

Smart Green Blue Roofs

KLIMA ROOF is the world’s first monolithic platform-based Green Roof, Blue Roof, and Solar Garden Roof system. In other words, KLIMA ROOF is a flexible system with only a few components to realize any Green Roof type. Furthermore the smart system allows seamless transitions with any design intent.

Basically smooth transitions from extensive Living Roofs to intensive Garden Roofs. The result is a resilient solution with high user experience and unmatched natural biodiversity.

Klima Roof Green Roofs are an invention and innovation from Green Roof Technology. Specifically engineered for any CLIMATE ZONE on earth because of its natural water preserving features. Altogether installation professionals appreciate the reducing of different components and the unmatched protection for roofing systems.

KLIMA ROOF evolved over a decade to ensure healthy, diverse, and resilient vegetation on structures. In essence, Klima Roof is engineered for young Green Roofs markets like North America, United Kingdom, Middle East, and Far East.


Solar Garden Roofs or Solar Green Roofs are solutions where living green meets renewable energy. Because both technologies are seamlessly integrated they and result in synergistic booster effects for Green Roofs and Solar systems.

In fact Green Roof Technology introduced Solar Garden Roof to North America in 2009 and developed the technology further. Consequently we perfected a technology that improves the benefits for plants and PV modules at any size of ground disconnected location. Furthermore our design solutions also allow the integration of micro windmills.

Solar Garden Roofs or Solar Green Roofs are often called Bio-Solar. This is misleading because the term Bio-Solar comes from Biological Photovoltaic. This is an energy-generating technology that uses oxygenic photoautotrophic organisms to harvest light energy and produce electrical power. In fact a technology comparing to living fuel cell. Generally speaking a technology for the future with potential on roofs. Today, we like to keep these terms separated. This avoids confusing and misinterpretation.


Acknowledged by others makes us proud. Because it also proves that we are in the forefront for decades.
There are likely more Green Roof videos about our accomplishments on the internet. However this video we like the most.

In fact Greenroofs.com  is a dynamic interactive website, online media company and vibrant social network that created the awareness of Green Roofs in North America. Green Roof Technology is a contributor for almost two decades.

P.S. Please disregard the email in the movie and use our contact form instead.

Crafting Green Roofs for over 40 years!


Real Grass on Cruise Ships doesn't necessarily make these ship greener from an environmental perspective. However, most innovations in the Cruise Ship industry are driver for more environmentally friendly practices on land. This happens more often than most of us think.

Because customer experience is their highest priority, it makes sense to demonstrate ecological innovations where many people can see it. Actually in this case they also can feel it between their toes.
As a fact the cruise ship industry seems to work harder on environmentally friendly solutions because it more in the focus of media. However, if we would look into the recreational industry on land, we would see the entire picture.

Celebrity Cruises operates 5 (five) cruise ships for over 10 years with around 50,000sf of real grass combined. Because the "LawnClub" demonstrated resilience in all climate zone on earth it is a smart Green Roof solution tailored by Green Roof Technology.

We are exceptional proud to be the inventor behind the top ten attraction in the cruise ship industry over 10 consecutive years.