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Crafting Green Roofs



Historical Green Roof Brochure 1984
Publications document by the
State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Published 1984

Green Roof Expert Extraordinaire
for 40+ years - a brief overview
and company profile
Published 2021

Why is Air-To-Water-Ratio
on Green Roofs so important
and often disregared?
Published 2019/20

Solar Garden Roofs,
Solar Green Roofs, Bio Solar
- the basic understanding
Published 2016

Mineral Wool on Green Roofs
Chance or Challenge for
Sponge Cities?
Published 2014

Introduction FLL Guidelines
for Green Roofs as the
“Principles of Green Roofing”
Published 2004/2011


Klima Roof
World’s first monolithic platform-based
Green Roof System
Published 2021

Irrigation counter-productive
for stormwater retention
on Extensive Green Roofs?
Published 2012

Vegetated Roofs
Combined with Photovoltaic Panels
Solar Garden Roof
Published 2011

Fire and Wind
on Green Roofs
Fact Checker
Published 2016

Where Beetles are crawling
and Honeybees are humming
Ecological Value
Published 2008

Economics of Green Roofs
from the Perspective of
Commercial Clients
Published 2012