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Crafting Green Roofs


You own a roof


Building owners know that the development of Green Roofs, Green Infrastructure or Urban Tiny Forests can involve a plethora of disciplines and professions. Certainly this includes architects and engineers, together with public officials and different construction trades. Because each team member plays an integral part, building owners and developers need to rely on a smooth collaboration. This is as important for product delivery and coordination processes.

In short, for over 4 decades Green Roof Technology is an experienced partner in this process because we are closing the gaps among these professionals at any stage of the project. For instance, from evaluating existing conditions and creating feasibility studies but also from conceptual design and construction documents. Similarly for project bidding and construction management but also attention to detail.


Collaborative Approach and Value Added

Naturally, we also offer assistance in finding green incentive programs because any additional support is worth of taking advantage off. However, these programs change frequently and for some regions it is difficult to be up to date. Therefore we help you also in presenting your project to neighborhood boards or public officials.

In fact, we are adding true value with our first stroke of a pencil. So, staying within a budget eliminates value engineering that always costs more in the long run. To sum up, every project we collaborate on is unbiased. Of course, the size and stage of the project does matter to us. Actually, the same for existing projects that require maintenance evaluation or expert witness services in cases of failure.

In other words, Green Roof Technology can help and we ensure that things are done right at first.

Building Owners and Developers


Building Owners

Assistance you can count on...

  • Feasibility study and budgeting
  • Roof load evaluation
  • Visual roof inspections and roofing recommendations
  • Document reviews
  • Basic or advanced Green Roof and Green Wall solutions
  • Extraordinary green living design
  • Green Wall and Green Roof details
  • Plant selection
  • Green Roof / Wall specifications
  • Project management and construction administration
  • LEED point guidance
  • Quality control inspections
  • Site supervision
  • Maintenance guidance
  • Warranty claims assistance
  • Roofing and Green Roof inspection and problem investigation
  • Green Roof/ Wall training and seminars