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Crafting Green Roofs


Design-build and Turn-key

In fact, we specialize in the installation of living plants on impervious areas. Green Roof Technology has been a trusted partner for general contractors in this field for over four decades, whether on roofs, on grade, or with an Urban Tiny Forest. Naturally, every project involves a diverse range of specialists and professions and we coordinate our work between these professionals - at any stage of the project.

Efficiency is not only in our DNA, but it is also in our heritage.

Our independence from manufacturers and suppliers allows an unbiased approach for better and faster results. Basically, with our initial pencil stroke, we are adding true value and eliminate costly efforts for value engineering. Design-build and Turn-key are ways to go and of course the size and location of the project does not matter to us.

To summarize, every project is different and we help streamlining processes. This also true for construction services on renovation projects, on maintenance-only projects, and expert witness evaluation.

In other words, Green Roof Technology can help and we ensure that things are done right from the beginning.

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We make your project exceptional through…

Building Evaluation Services

  •     Feasibility study
  •     Roof load evaluation
  •     Visual roof inspections
  •     Document reviews

Construction Estimating

  •     Budgeting for green design solutions
  •     Cost estimating for roofing types

Design Build Services

  •     Basic or advanced Green Roof and Green Wall solutions
  •     Extraordinary green living designs
  •     Green Wall and Green Roof details
  •     Plant Selection
  •     Green Roof / Wall specifications
  •     LEED point guidance
  •     Special project construction

Construction Services

  •     “Hands-on” approach and the precision of German engineering
  •     Site supervision
  •     Quality control and inspections
  •     Documentation
  •     Reports
  •     Post installation and contractor evaluation

Post Construction and Green Building Management

  •     Maintenance guidance
  •     General facility services
  •     Warranty claims assistance
  •     Roofing and Green Roof inspection and problem investigation
  •     In-house training and staff seminars