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Crafting Green Roofs


Efficient Green Roof Installations

Without doubt, skilled landscapers and landscaping companies are the true heroes when it comes to working with soil, plants, and hardscape. Because we understand the hard work at any weather, our strongest expertise is in making things more efficient. As a result, this requires less elbow-grease, results in faster project turn-around, and creates more profitability. 

Since, Jorg Breuning has installed with his own hands millions square feet of Green Roofs over the past 40 years, he can comprehend the efforts. Therefore, we are an ideal partner in teaching best project management, installation practices, and machinery selection. Depending on the Green Roof type or Green Roof system, we provide best material and delivery sources, too. Of course, our rates are decent and fair.

Because Green Roofs are only one aspect in the living green cosmos. Our practical, experienced services also cover Green Walls, Bio-filtration/retention, and Urban Tiny Forests. Additionally, landscaper can be trained in Natural Swimming pools, and other implementation of plants in extreme locations.

After all, installations are only one aspect where we help landscapers. Specifically, when it comes to maintenance our practical approaches are famous. With plant knowledge and ecological sense will turn this segment into a successful business model in all seasons. Last but not least, our first consultation is for free where ever you are and whatever climate zone you are in.    

At Green Roof Technology there are practitioners and none of us is afraid of getting dirt under our fingernails.

Landscapers Green Roof

We offer training and assistance for...


πŸ‘ Project Management

πŸ‘ Hands-on training

πŸ‘ Material sourcing

πŸ‘ Time saving installation practices

πŸ‘ Feasibility study and budgeting

πŸ‘ Visual roof inspections and roofing recommendations

πŸ‘ Construction Document Interpretation

πŸ‘ Basic and advanced Green Roof and Green Wall solutions

πŸ‘ Extraordinary green living design within the process

πŸ‘ Quality control inspections

πŸ‘ Site supervision

πŸ‘ Maintenance guidance and best practices

πŸ‘ Warranty claims assistance

πŸ‘ Roofing and Green Roof inspection, problem investigation

πŸ‘ Documentations