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Crafting Green Roofs

Green Roof Industry

Green Roof Industry

Firstly, ⚠️ there are many vendors out there, selling papers about the Green Roof Market Size, growth and key manufacturers. All these papers are written by business-mind students in the Middle or Far East. Of course, all these papers are wrong, misleading and they are all a rip-off! In fact, samples we have seen were not even close to our experience from the last 40 years in the Green Roof industry.

Secondly, we are home in the Green Infrastructure, Green Wall, and Green Roof industry for over 4 decades. Consequently, only a handful of people in the world know what we know. Hence, our knowledge is a significant advantage when it comes to product development and innovation. There is a true and honest value for our clients. Additionally, we pair this with manufacturing knowledge and creative marketing approaches. Certainly, any in depth brain picking and development services are not for free but they generously pays back within the process.


Green Roof Industry

Green Roof Industry

Green Roof Masterminds

The development of entire Green Roof systems or smart Green Roof types is right down our expertise. Likewise, unique product specification documentation. In other words, we have been there, done that and we always enjoy going there. Especially if you have a creative, visionary, and looking-beyond-horizon team, a mastermind collaboration will be very successful.

For instance few scribbles on a coaster in a restaurant create the initial start, while brainstorming and reverse thinking in front of a white board finalizes things. by having difficult conversations, the ability of continuous learning, and knowing our weak spots will finally streamline processes. At the end the result counts. Nevertheless, we are committed keeping our eyes on the entire picture.

Product development is not always a matter of the amount of financial investments, it more often about, how the investment is allocated.

Green Industry Related Domains

Because great products or systems need a good name also, we might have some great ideas. Certainly, we have 200-300 domains on sale that potentially cover a gap for marketing. Finally, for quick Start-Ups we can help with a temporary domain and a flashy website. Find an entire selection of top level domains -here-.

To summarize why Green Roof Technology  is worth to collaborate with ...

πŸ”† Patent research

πŸ”† White Space Analysis within patents

πŸ”† Sourcing Raw-materials

πŸ”† Securing Resources national and foreign

πŸ”† Sustainable material and production guidance

πŸ”† Innovative improvements of existing products

πŸ”† Smart product lines with building-block principle

πŸ”† Market research

πŸ”† Customer survey

πŸ”† Competitor analysis

πŸ”† Specification book

πŸ”† Establishing partnerships

πŸ”† Sustainable material and production guidance

πŸ”† Advisor for entering the Green Roof or Green Infrastructure market

Further tailored services for your needs!

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