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Crafting Green Roofs

The Oldest Existing Green Roof in the World

Green Roofs 360° / August 9, 2013

The oldest known and still existing Green Roof in the world.
Located in the city of Lucca, tucked into the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy, you will find a most magnificent scene. The medieval architecture of the city is gorgeous, but one tower stands taller than the rest.  Attracting more attention as a consequence of the oak trees flourishing on the roof. Seven oaks were originally planted on the roof of the Torre Guinigi back in the 14th or 15th century.
Old Green Roof Technology

The Oldest Existing Green Roof – Photo Credit: Flickr – Sidstamm

Although replacements have been planted over the decades, the seven residing today are still said to be hundreds of years old. Their roots grew together, penetrating the ceiling and creating a more sturdy structure. Oak trees were specifically chosen by the Guinigi family to represent renewal and rebirth. If visiting Italy, this is a great place to visit, for a few Euros you may climb to the top and see this view for yourself!
By Jorg Breuning
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