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Crafting Green Roofs


Jorg Breuning Green Roof Expert
"Crafting Green Roofs is in my genes since I was able to climb a ladder." Jörg Breuning

Crafting Green Roofs over 40 years:

"Let me express my sincere gratitude for your interest in the work of Jörg Breuning, Green Roof Technology. Your curiosity in ground remote living greenery is one big step forward in enhancing our built environment with nature and I love to collaborate with you!"
Already in 1998 /1999 I had an exceptional opportunity crafting Green Roofs in the United States. Hired for the Chicago City Hall as key advisor solving all the technical, horticultural, and logistic questions was a great challenge. Overall a famous project that stayed within the budget. At the present time I had 20 years of experience on uncountable projects, ranging from small garden sheds to extra-large warehouses that was unparalleled in North America. Today and more than 40 years later I am proud having made contributions to all of these projects and in almost all climate zones on Earth (expect Arctic).

On each of these -many award winning- projects my knowledge and experience was only little but crucial pieces of an entire puzzle but a fruitful collaboration with other construction specialists.

Most people know that I am not representing a specific component, product, or system. As a fact I am representing the plants/vegetation with all what they need to flourish and thrive. Based on my education and practical experience I am able to see Green Roofs or Green Walls as an ecological community (Biocoenosis, Karl Möbius 1877). This results in sustainable and resilient greenery.

Your precious project will help to make the world greener because it will be your step forward in the battle against the environmental challenges of our cities.


Klima Roof


Green Roof Technology is dedicated to the essential engineering principals of form and function because we utilize common sense without compromising a healthy, sustaining growth of the vegetation.

Our innovations are not about increasing profits but they are about making Green Roofs more affordable for building owners and more resilient to climate change. Additionally we make Green Roofs more sustainable by using recycled materials from urban waste streams. Simply making Green Roofs lasting as long as the structure.

Jörg's leadership is not rooted in endless talking, data collecting, testing and writing about Green Roofs. His leadership is about doing. Doing things as effective and efficient as possible, and with smallest environmental footprint possible. Green Roof solutions with a potential for infinite circulation of materials and that can be reused once a structure is not desired anymore.

Over 40 years of Innovation

Find out more about industry changing innovation here: Innovations by Jörg Breuning.



Crafting Green Roofs over 40 years
Aerial shot of 24 years old Green Roof

Photos Crafting Green Roofs

Every project is unique like the structure below. Because Green Roof Technology cultivates remarkable experiences there are always solutions to bring nature into our built environment.
In fact we guide you from start to completion and beyond maintenance. At any point of your project our advisory service will add value and integrate into your workflow. Green Roof Technology is the leader in crafting Green Roofs. Additionally we provide product development, smart engineering, project management, and maintenance solutions for living green. Overall our services are not limited to specific climate zone because we understand nature's laws in biology, physics and chemistry that are true throughout the world.

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 crafting Green Roofs on video
Crafting Green Roofs in the media

Movies Crafting Green Roofs

Jörg Breuning establish modern Green Roof technology in North America in 1999 and made it "mainstream". Therefore it was just a matter of time until news stations and TV channels jumped on the idea. Because environmental challenges drastically increased, it was the right time to show living green solutions that mitigate these issues -naturally. Today we wish that there is a more regular media interest without superlatives because the "average" Green Roofs are already heroes.

In addition Sundance Channel (TV) provided a great documentary about Green Roofs in 2010. Resulting in a sustainable push of awareness among the North American society and policy makers. Especially our contribution to the documentary makes us very proud because audience can see what "crafting Green Roofs" means. For many people in North America this documentation created new careers options within the environmental field.

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crafting Green Roofs and Design
Some Green Roofs remain a dream on paper

Projects Crafting Green Roofs

Jörg Breuning left his pencil marks on over 2300 green roof projects. In fact on almost on every continent on Earth. Some of these projects were never realized and still remain a dream. Some other projects got "value engineered" because greedy investors care less about our environment but more about their profits. Because we have seen all, Green Roof Technology enjoys working with same minded people since they truly understand their important part in nature.

The project list represents selected projects where Green Roof Technology provided advisory services, where our passion inspired, and our knowledge was appreciated.

The list of projects is long, enjoy!


Green Roof ProfessionalsAlways in collaboration with clients

Clients, Collaborations

We collaborate with architecture firms, system and roofing manufacturers, but also with conventional roofing contractors. Certainly we advise engineers, real estate owners, developers, Nonprofits, and facilities managers.

Particularly we like working with motivated Green Roof installation companies because that is where our roots are. We are tight to a specific location. All in all we are where the project is.

With hands-on training and seminars we encourage Landscaping companies to elevate their field onto the fifth facade of buildings. Ultimately their hard work, their hands in the soil at any weather makes every Green Roof dream come true. To summarize: If you like to installing Green Roofs. Please don't hesitate and talk to us!

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