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Natural Swimming Pools

Certainly, clean water has always been a precious commodity.  However, when it comes to the purification of it, we sometimes sabotage ourselves by using strong chemicals in the process.  Natural pools utilize nature's water purification processes to provide clean safe water for swimming.

Because a natural swimming pool is a chemical-free pool, it uses the same principles as nature in filtering out harmful microorganisms. That is how the systems work: A pool has two distinct parts: the swimming area and a regeneration zone. The regeneration zone features all types of plants that feed hydroponically on the water.

Additionally, there are aerobic and anaerobic bacteria as a biological filter in the regeneration zone and this takes care of undesirable elements. In short, water passes through the filter, into the zone, and back into the swimming area, clarified and completely clean.

Organic ponds, Natural swimming pools are gaining popularity across the U.S. Here are some Pros and Cons


  • Lower year-to-year costs
  • Adaptable and more flexible in design than traditional pools
  • Less maintenance
  • Work in all climates
  • More environmentally friendly


  • Higher initial cost to build
  • Requires more space
  • May not look as clear and blue as a conventional pool
  • Needs to be built by a contractor familiar with natural pools, which may be difficult to find

Green Roof Technology chooses the most suitable natural pool systems components, including European pool manufactures who pioneered the technology in the 1980's.

Of course, it depends on the climate zone and micro-climate where you wish to enjoy your Ecopool. Therefore the material of regeneration area is adjusted including the size. Without doubt, in natural pools, many types of plants can be used to provide oxygen and to aid in water filtration. All plants are classified into three categories within the natural pool environment: emergent, deep water-rooted and floating plants. Some of the most commonly used plants in natural pools for temperate climates zones include water lilies, perennial grasses such as reeds like SparganiumOase  AquaNatur  BioNova