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Crafting Green Roofs


You Own the Idea

After all you have a unique Green Roof design in mind or already created a colorful rendering of a Green Roof for a new or existing building. So, now you wonder how this can be realized within a budget or other project limitations. You are searching for a Green Roof Type or you are further and look for a Green Roof system.

In fact, Green Roof Technology is crafting Green Roofs for 40 years and Urban Tiny Forests for more than 10 years. Therefore in a short time we tailor the system to make your design intent last as long as the structure beneath.

Collaborative Approach

In our collaboration we provide you all the tools from roofing to vegetation in your Green Roof design. Most importantly, information and fundamental lessons learned from millions of square feet of Green Roofs, Green Infrastructure, and combined with solar. Certainly, we feel the pulse of the plants. More over you are about to learn about sustainable and resilient design. The knowledge you gained you can utilize for future projects. Of course, with or without us.

In short, every project we collaborate on is unbiased. For you it might be learning by doing and worth more than all educational credits (CEUs). Actually, after our collaborative work on your precious project you should be able creating a presentation for Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits. This way your received knowledge will further spread within you firm and extent your business. Learn from the best.

Green roof design

Green roof design

We offer assistance in...

  • Feasibility study and budgeting
  • Roof load evaluation
  • Visual roof inspections and roofing recommendations
  • Document reviews
  • Basic or advanced Green Roof and Green Wall solutions
  • Extraordinary green living design
  • Green Wall and Green Roof details
  • Plant selection
  • Green Roof / Wall specifications
  • Project management and construction administration
  • LEED point guidance
  • Quality control inspections
  • Site supervision
  • Maintenance guidance
  • Warranty claims assistance
  • Roofing and Green Roof inspection and problem investigation
  • Green Roof/ Wall training and seminars