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Crafting Green Roofs


The Roots

Honest resources about Green Infrastructure are often hard to find. Of course, the beginning of the World Wide Web was also the start for modern GREEN ROOF technology to spread all over the world. Before this time robust and in-depth information were only available in German. In fact, these are part of Germany educational system for trade professionals. Then, the German's invented modern Green Roof technology systematically, for all climate zones and with more than 50 Million square feet of Green Roof installations annually in 1990 . At this time by far more than all other countries in the world together.

After 1997 first publications were translated from German into English - seen as standard business language. In 1999/2000 GreenRoofs.com  and Green Roofs for Healthy Cities - North America Inc. (non-profit 501(c) did lay the English Green Roof information foundation on the internet. Certainly, Jörg Breuning / Green Roof Technology and Charlie Miller / Roofmeadow Inc. were the main technology information contributors. Today we see modern Green Roof technology all around the world. It is the preferred solution to mitigate human caused environmentally issues and climate change.

Certainly the history of Green Roofs goes much further back, and it is important to know what and how our ancestors did Green Roofs 300 years or 3,000 years back. However, back then it only had a specific purpose for a building owner and was not a global necessity for survival for all societies and people on Earth - as it should be today.

The Stem

Green Roof Technology is incredibly proud of having the largest archive about modern Green Roofs from 1970 until today. Also we are proud of existing projects 40 years and older. For us it has been always important to educate and inform people from first hand, to contribute to other publications or books without putting our self in the middle - but Green Roofs. We are still on an unselfish mission and we are probably the among the last.

While others still focus on excessive data collecting, micro research, and their own economic well-being, we just do it (Green Roofs). Additionally, we strive doing it right at first and avoid using our clients as a Guinea pig. We keep the ball low, focus on the well-being of the plants and certainly on the best outcome for the client. Making heroes is more satisfying than pretending to be a hero.

If the extensive information on our website are not sufficient for your needs, please feel free to contact us and buy us a coffee beer.


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Where to go - Plant Nursery or Landscape Professional?

In fact, a plant nursery is a place where plants are propagated and grown to a desired size or age. Therefore, nurseries grow plants for the point of sale and not further.

In contrast, Landscaping and Landscaping Professionals modify the visible features of an area of land (or roof), such as land-forms, terrain shape and elevation, amenity spaces etc. They understand all materials thinkable, bodies of water, irrigation, lighting, artistic design, and flora and fauna for the lifetime of the area, land or roof. Therefore, landscaping requires expertise in horticulture, material properties and its interaction with the environment.

Green Roof Technology is rooted in pure, robust, and agile LANDSCAPING. In short, all landscapers are conflict-free of interest when building Green Infrastructure. Unlike nurseries or roofing companies that depend simply on sales.