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Crafting Green Roofs

The Economics of Green Roofs from the Perspective of the Commercial Client

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Extensive Green Roofs

Green Roof Costs

Green Roofs increase property value.

In 1994, Fritz Hämmerle published an analysis on the economic benefits of extensive Green Roofs for the very first in the international Green Roof magazine Dach + Grün. Nearly 20 years later, it is now undisputed that extensive green roofs have numerous positive effects on the environment and the physical properties of buildings. Nevertheless, today only a small amount of extensive Green Roofs have been installed in North America and this is mainly due to the high initial costs of construction and the commitment to proper long-term maintenance.

This cost analysis shows that extensive green roofs are a sound investment and can be a profitable long-term investment. All the economic caveats floating around the internet claiming green roofs are a poor investment are now essentially invalidated. Extensive green roofs are economical in every sense.
This Cost-Benefit Analysis of Extensive Green Roofs did not take in to consideration cost reductions for building insurance, increased promotional value, the low costs of LEED® credits, faster building permitting times, potential permits for a larger building foot print and general increases in a building’s value. Recently, in Boston, MA, an $112,500 investment in an extensive green roof system is reported to have raised the value of the building by $2.4 Million.

The latest cases study (2013, Jorg Breuning) about the economics of extensive Green Roofs in the USA is now available for download.

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